Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Estee Lauder Advanced Repair

There. I have done it. I have succumbed to the hype. For years I have been inundated with lyrical reviews surrounding Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum.  In all magazines that I flick through or every visit to the makeup counters, I am bombarded with chants of raving madness from women of all walks of life…”my magic potion!”, “This serum is the only serum I ever let near my face…”, “…eternal youth in a bottle”. This has won an accolade of awards such as the following:

  • InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2011: Best Serum
  • CEW UK 2010 Beauty Awards: Best New Skincare Treatment Product – Prestige
  • Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence de la Beauté 2010: Best Beauty Care
  • Woman & Home Best Beauty Buys 2010 (Readers’ Choice): Best Night Treatment
  • InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2010: Best Serum
  • SHE Beauty & Fragrance Awards 2010: Best Night Product

For the past few years or so, I have been faithfully using SkinBright (click here to read my review —- GREAT cream, you must check it out) several nights a week followed by a dedicated regime of primer and crème foundation that contains sun protection in the morning, As of late, I have been wanting to break up the routine just a bit and now that I am approaching X amount of years (you can guess, hehe), I have noticed pores around my nose and the odd line or two on my face. This had me screeching dead in my step and in my internet search for the holy grail, came across a bombardment of reviews, glorifying Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair.  And so off I went one weekend to the nearest makeup counter and picked up this gem of a serum.  My thoughts?

Estee Lauder Advanced Repair

Estee Lauder Advanced Repair

I don’t understand how some people can complain about the smell. Sure, it doesn’t smell like flowers or anything fragrant-y in the slightest. If anything it has a “medicinal” smell that can put some users off. In my humble opinion, I quite like it. It just smells PURE and un-tampered. No additives thrown in, in the form of perfume. Besides, the smell quickly wears off anyway…(however, I wouldn’t recommend having your other half lick your face! It tastes bitter as he once discovered himself).

Estee Lauder Advanced Repair - eyedropper applicator

Estee Lauder Advanced Repair – eyedropper applicator

The complex ingredients in this potion works to neutralise up to 90% of environmental nasties before they can do harm to your skin and its DNA, causing you to look older. Apply this on your face every night and you are effectively combatting all these irritants before they can even do any damage. Prevention, after all, is half the cure.

Here is what they have to say on their official website:

The one formula beautiful skin can’t live without.

This comprehensive, high-performance anti-ageing serum-inspired by groundbreaking DNA research-brings your skin a significant reduction in the appearance of signs of ageing.

Use it every day to help reduce the appearance of past damage, help prevent future damage and deliver high levels of hydration.

If you want younger, healthier-looking skin now and in the future, don’t go a night without it.

Even the best can get better. This advanced formula-with 20 patents worldwide-includes all the benefits you love about the original, plus more to help your skin repair its own appearance like never before:

Exclusive ChronoluxTM Technology

  • Reduces the appearance of past damage.
  • Helps address visibly damaging effects before they become permanent.
  • You’ll see an improvement in the appearance of signs of ageing-specifically the look of lines, uneven skintone and immediate hydration.

Enhanced Environmental Repair

  • Environmental assaults such as UV light, smoke, pollution and even emotional stress are the primary causes of premature signs of ageing.
  • Our advanced technology reduces the appearance of damage by every major environmental assault.

Continuous Hydration

  • Creates an optimal environment for repair with nature’s long-proven moisture magnet Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Clinical tests prove skin’s levels of moisturisation increase dramatically.
  • Soothes the look of daily irritation and builds a rich anti-oxidant reserve to help replenish skin’s own natural protectants. Think of it as “insurance” for younger, healthier-looking skin, today and tomorrow.


  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Fragrance-free
  • Non-comedogenic

You only need a small amount. The bottle comes with an eye dropper application that dispenses just the right amount and also keeps any finger-to-bottle contamination at bay. 4 drops is enough to do the entire face. The honey-coloured serum is quite watery so a little bit goes a long way.  One big drop on each cheek, one on the forehead and the fourth on my chin and massage this in until it is fully absorbed. I find that it absorbed well without leaving a greasy residue. I was concerned at first as the texture is quite runny but once you massage it in, there is no visible trace.

And of course the sucker that I was for freebies (the lady at the Estee Lauder makeup counter managed to effectively twist my arm into buying a second product in order to qualify for their gift package….and wow….what a great package too…more in a moment).  So I picked up a bottle of their equally popular Advanced Night Repair Eye gel. Which is a tinnnnnnny 15 ml pot that cost about £35. Yes, it did make my eye water but I have also read such great reviews about this that I just had to give it a try too.  The pot comes with a handy spatula so, again, no need to dip your fingers into the container. Just dip applicator into the pot (the gel is very pale in honey colour, akin to the face serum but thicker) and apply three dots under each eye and lightly pat it in, going from inner corner of the eye and out.

Estee Lauder Advanced Repair Eye

Estee Lauder Advanced Repair Eye

Spatula applicator

Spatula applicator

I have only been using this for about two weeks and I am already seeing results. My pores and lines are noticeably finer and the next morning, my skin does appear more vibrant and smooth. The most concrete evidence of the face serum’s effectiveness though has got to be 5 days into the usage when one night, I had gone out for drinks with work colleagues…one drink led to two too many and I found myself stumbling home in the early hours. Woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning to discover that I had my work clothes on still and shoes were still attached to my feet. I had literally flopped on top of my bed. In my stupor, I still had the conscientious mind to drag myself off to the bathroom in order to take my makeup off and in a final bid to regain any life in my skin, I slapped on the Advanced Night Repair Serum, sloppily rubbed it in and stumbled back into bed. The next morning at work,  there I was sitting upright, typing away at my desk, looking as professional as ever (whilst slowly dying inside!!!!! From the worse hangover from HADES!!!!) when a colleague came over to my desk, grinned at me and said “Did you stay out late?” and I nodded pathetically and he said “You don’t look it, you look totally fresh!!” RESULT! And I have to admit, that morning when I woke up with the worst hangover ever and slapped on the makeup, wishing for the best, even I was surprised at how good my skin was considering…..I actually MARVELLED at the state of it….hehe

It really is magic in a bottle. The only gripe I have about this is the price. It is super expensive. I paid £51 for the full size 50ml bottle and a further £35 for its corresponding eye gel. SUPER SUPER expensive but been told by the Estee Lauder lady that a 50ml bottle would typically last you 6 months. So from this perspective, it makes economical sense as that works out £10 a month for youthful skin and warding off any environmental damage. A good investment when compared to Botox for example.

So as recap, here are my pros and cons:



It absorbs quickly with no residue

The container is made of hard plastic so rest assured that if you were to drop it, the bottle will not shatter into millions of pieces

It comes with an eyedropper applicator


The smell can be off putting for some. But like I said, it’s a smell I quite like. It’s pure. It’s clinical. It screams NO FRAGRANCE.

It is expensive.

And what was the gift I got in the end?

Estee Lauder Advanced Repair

  • A beautifully lined makeup bag with gold trim and gold zipper
  • A sample size of the Advanced Night Repair serum and the Eye gel (perfect for travelling when I don’t want to be taking the full sized bottles with me)
  • Pure Color Gloss in 09 – Rock Candy
  • Sumptuous  Bold Volume Lifting Mascara in black
  • Perfectly Clean Cleanser



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